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Outsourcing product walkthrough services from india
Product Walkthrough will enable the clients to understand better the function/process of a particular product. This will also act as product demonstration tool and product manual. This tool will visually present various processes and actions that will make the job of the operator easy and simple.
Usage: Engineering industry, Automobile industry, software industry etc.
CMPT Advantage: We have the right blend of technical and visual expertise to convey even the most complicated information/process in a simple and understandable way to the target audience.
Deliverables: CD-ROM, flash content for intranet or internet
Outsource cd-rom publishing services from india
Cd Rom Publishing

CD-ROM Publishing is one of the key segments that have emerged over the years. Today CDROM is a common medium for publishing information other than print. CD-ROMs have the ability to contain huge amount of information and also they have compact for portability. This has helped many book publishers, gaming companies, tourists, engineering companies etc. to use the storage advantages of CD-ROM.
Usage: Publishers, Educational Content Developers, Magazines, Directories, Products Catalogs etc.
CMPT Advantage: CMPT has the knowledge and expertise to publish content in the form of CD-ROM. CMPT takes care of the entire designing, developing & packaging of the CD-ROM.
Deliverables: CD-ROM, DVD & VCD