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Then you have found the right partner in Creative Mediapulse Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

CMPT is a pioneer in the media industry providing Creative Solutions such as Multimedia Services, Animation Services, Internet Services and Broadcast Services that match the Global Quality Standard.

Here are few facts about Animation Outsourcing:

The world wide animation industry is growing rapid. And the Major animation studios and producers from all over the world are now turning to India for opportunities to outsource animation projects.

The Revenue Status of the industry in brief as follows….

Total Revenue
India’s share
Current Scenario
$27 billion
$285 million

Future Predictions
( by 2010)

$ 32.7 billion
$ 950 million

Thinking why India?

India's animation sector is witnessing a major boom and is steadily growing as a major outsourcing hub. The Indian animation studios provide a cost effective alternative for the delegated work. The country has been rated as the second largest entertainment industry after Hollywood.   And with the Internet - meant access to high speed data communication lines, India is pioneering the new multimedia development center.

A recent study in a leading newspaper predicts the market size of Indian Animation industry is expected to reach one billion dollars over the next three years. Studies also indicate that more than 185 of Fortune 500 companies already have outsourced their requirements to India.

India is preferred outsourcing destination because…

The ability to complement western time zones with a virtual round-the-clock approach.
Ready supply of talented people at relatively low cost.
Great history in software development.  
A strong supply of high-programming talent.
Outsourcing friendly Government policies.
Faster time to market.

Overseas entertainment giants like Walt Disney, IMAX and Sony are increasingly outsourcing cartoon characters and special effects to India.



To animate means bring life to a character and communicate the embedded emotions and feelings by narrating a story. It is well known that ours is a nation that is famous for great creative minds. And Indians are good at telling stories.  Being a company that hails from India, CMPT is capable of conceptualizing and giving life to a character fitting it into the frame work of a story. And the use of right blends of colours, music, voice, etc makes a realistic animation that bears layers of meaning.

CMPT provides solutions for Visual Communication, Animations and theme development, Architectural Walkthroughs, Visualization, Landscaping, and Logo Animations. We also offer high-level design and technical know-how, quality digital craftsmanship and professional service. And our work involves deep thinking, creativity and reflection.

CMPT is capable of developing complex 3D Models; apply appropriate textures, adjusting lightings, adding realistic movements with powerful music and effects to eliminate the difference between the real world and the 3D world.

CMPT team is well trained and experienced in bringing out the most realistic walkthroughs that will sell the project in a short time. Our team comprises of visualizers, architects, and animators etc, who are specially trained to handle such Walkthrough Projects. Its services include scene planning, narrative structure, and inclusion of special effects.


It makes your business prudent to partner with us, simply because of…

Higher Quality Standards
Highly Creative Team
Great Visualization Skills
Multi-dimensional Experience
Latest Technology
Good Infrastructure
End to end Solutions

So now the whole world has entered into the highly competitive and quality assured animation outsourcing.

If you are also thinking to be a part of the game, CMPT is ready to be your OUTSOURCING PARTNER !!!.